Turn conversations
with customers
into conversions

Transform chat into a highly effective retail sales tool.

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Guide your shoppers to purchase.

Engage customers with chat pre-purchase and they're three times more likely to convert. With Caravel, offer quick and personal help to every single visitor.

Extend what you can do with chat

Caravel is a non-disruptive integration providing Artificial Intelligence that is purpose-built to automate personalized shopping.

Conversational AI

Meet your customers where they are.

Whether through web chat, SMS, or RCS, Caravel gives your brand an always-on presence in any location.

Omnichannel chat

No guesswork, just direct feedback

Shopper insights

Analyze conversations in real time to determine what’s motivating customers to buy and get actionable feedback.

30% of customers are returning The Rain Boot because of sizing issues.

35% of buyers of The Fleece Sweatshirt say they're buying a gift for someone else.

Top 3 reasons customer purchase Relaxed Shirt: Looks great, bright colors, and feels soft.

Measure your CX. Understand the impact that conversation is having on your sales performance.







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