Turn customer feedback into your biggest asset

Caravel transforms any source of feedback into clear and actionable data to help you make high-value decisions.

One platform to instantly organize and analyze all customer feedback

Anywhere and everywhere it appears. Caravel keeps the picture of customer sentiment always complete, accurate, and up to date.

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Surface actionable learnings right away



Feedback from any source – bridge it for real-time analysis.



Get instant insight into recurring themes with our built-in AI.



Deliver insights to the right teams for roadmapping and company alignment.

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We meet you wherever you are on your customer feedback journey

Whether you’ve got teams with deeply-ingrained manual processes, or you’re starting from square one, Caravel implements easily and adds value every day.

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“Caravel helps us epitomize an organization that’s driven by customer centricity.”

Claire Hernandez

Head of Global Support