The fastest way to know what your customers are thinking

Caravel streamlines customer feedback, connecting any team member to automatically prioritized insights.

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Inspire action on customer priorities

Use Caravel to help your teams develop an obsessive focus on your customers.

No more waiting to understand what your customers think

Finding the signals in your feedback takes significant time and effort, slowing you down. Caravel gives you back your time by connecting and processing all of your qualitative data so you can focus on making impactful changes to your products and services.

Act on issues instead of spending hours figuring them out

Stop chasing lagging indicators – Caravel gives you early alerts when customer satisfaction changes and points you to the problem.

Get teams connected

Quicken decision making by breaking down silos of customer knowledge and delivering insights across teams with Caravel.

Caravel connects every customer insight to the tools you use

The customers who answer your surveys aren't the only ones that matter. So why should your insight into customers be limited to survey results? Using Caravel, you can capture insights from the apps, data, and messages that drive customer interactions with a single easy-to-access source.

Process feedback from Helpdesks, CRMs, Surveys and more

Caravel has real-time integrations with many communication and feedback platforms.

Once you connect an integration, Caravel will pull historical and new records, making them available to your Caravel projects for theme and sentiment classification.


Capture anecdotes with Caravel's Web Clipper

Use Caravel's Web Clipper to save and process anecdotes from any website or webapp.

If you come across an insight you want to save and share, just hit the Caravel button your browser.

Get alerts and swarm on insights with Slack

Caravel is made to work within Slack, so your teams can receive alerts and reports directly in your Slack channels.

Discussions can also be pulled from slack. Caravel will collect messages from synced Slack channels and make them available to your Caravel projects.

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