customer obsession

Caravel summarizes customer conversations giving you an always-on, real-time view of what matters most to customers.

Identify customer priorities

Let Caravel sift through conversations and calculate which changes will have the most impact.

Stop searching for retention drivers

Gaining vision into every customer's needs will leave you manually analyzing endless amounts of conversational data. Caravel automatically finds critical feedback from your conversations so that you can architect an optimal customer experience.

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Prioritize with evidence

Eliminate the guesswork behind anecdotes. Caravel alerts you of emerging issues with the data to back it up, so you can get teams aligned and keep customers happy.

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Get shared insight

Caravel works where your customers communicate. Releasing feedback from inaccessible silos of apps and platforms and bringing insights into your team's workflow.

Caravel works alongside you

Customers provide feedback 24/7. If you only rely on survey data, your feedback loop isn't working for a large percentage of your customers. Using Caravel, you can capture insights from the apps, data, and messages that drive customer conversations with one, real-time system.

Summarizes your channels

Helpdesks, CRMs, Surveys, Email, and more. Caravel listens for feedback from many communication and feedback platforms.

Turn on an integration and Caravel will pull historical and new records and start summarizing feedback by themes and sentiment within minutes.


Organizes any web comment

Use Caravel's Web Clipper to save and process comments and messages from any website or webapp.

If you come across an insight you want to save, just hit the Caravel button in your browser.

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Keeps you alert on Slack

Caravel is made to work within Slack, so your teams can receive alerts and reports directly in your Slack channels.

If you have community on Slack, invite Caravel to identify critical questions, suggestions, and complaints from your customers.

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