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Continuous feedback analysis for fast-growth B2B SaaS

Monitor for signals of satisfaction, growth, and churn across every customer conversation and piece of feedback

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Real-time data streams

Take immediate action by receiving insights within seconds of recording and submission. Caravel's one-click integrations mean you start receiving valuable customer insights in real-time on day one.

Caravel reads and organizes feedback into topics and sentiments that are most important to your team.

Discover what customers crave

No matter what topics are important to your business, instantly analyze signals across chat, calls, email, surveys, and more.

Caravel tracks feedback over time so you can measure improvements and react to new issues and opportunities.

Propel product value

Relate conversations to user and product data to predict opportunities to drive growth, retention, and satisfaction.

Caravel provides real-time reports that keep everyone in the loop. Say goodbye to hand typed emails and written reports.

Inspire action with interactive reporting

Help put customer empathy at the center of every team. Caravel provides easy-to-digest explanations that any team member can stay on top of with alerts and subscriptions.