One platform for instant analysis of customer conversations

Caravel gives real-time, always-on visibility into what customers say and why it matters.

Integrates with your favorite work apps and communication platforms


For Customer Success and Support

Unlock your most valuable resource

Caravel automates conversation tagging, trend reporting, and escalations, giving evidence on work that will customers will value.

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For Product and Growth

Get signals in an ocean of feedback

Use Caravel’s automated analysis to find clarity and alignment from tickets, NPS, surveys, reviews, and more.

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For Communities

Easily understand your chatter

Connect Caravel to your community platforms and get easy-to-understand digests with actionable details delivered directly to your inbox or team chat.

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Text Analysis API BETA

Build powerful text analysis in minutes

Create classifiers, connect and process data, train models, and predict insights in an instant. With on-demand pricing, it's as easy as insights get.

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The power of a Data Science team packed into a code-free experience

Effortless to integrate, easy to train, and automations for the platforms you already use.

Unified feeds

Omni-channel conversations, synchronized in real-time, and transformed into a standardized format to make them immediately actionable.

Personalized models

Easily connect real-time data, train and deploy classifications, and continually improve performance.


Custom trigger-action workflows to automate repetitive tasks, increase communication efficiency, and enrich reports.

Prebuilt models

Dozens of text classification models that you can instantly deploy on your data to generate insights.


Group customers by attitude and emotion. Using Caravel you can segment by topic, intent, sentiment, and much more.

Team workspaces

Share insight with all of your org, collaborate on data, and control permissions.

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