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Consumer brands and retailers plug into Caravel for instant chat interactions that earn happy shoppers and increase customer likeliness to buy.

Explore conversational shopping

Conversational shopping that gets results


Growth in sales


Lift in conversions


Reduction in returns

The in-store experience, at scale

Our AI learns your product catalog and automates conversations, guiding shoppers to the right products and helping them feel confident in their purchase.

  • Find the right items
  • Determine size and fit
  • Customize a product or subscription

Find the right items

Determine size and fit

Customize products and subscriptions

Meet your customers where they are

Whether through web chat, SMS, or rich text, Caravel gives your store or brand an always-on presence in any location.

Omnichannel retail

Straightforward insights

Engage with your customers in conversation to inform your data and understand your sales performance.

No more guesswork

20k Customers assisted this week

5k asked for assistance with sizing

8% attributed sales

90% of customers had positive engagement

35% of buyers of The Fleet Sweatshirt say they’re buying a gift for someone else.

Top 3 reasons customer purchase Relaxed Shirt: Looks great, bright colors, and feels soft.

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