Building a future of empathy

We believe conversations are the world's richest source of information and have the capability to inspire transformative ideas more than any other data type.

Conversations build empathy, enabling people to see things clearly through someone else's eyes. At an organization, it's collectively known as Voice of the Customer. It's always growing and changing in size, accounting for the majority of a company's data. However, it lacks structure and despite being a rich source of authentic feedback, most struggle to use it.

Interpreting all the complex places where people converse isn't easy. Often, the most people-oriented teams are tasked with manually collecting, organizing, and analyzing conversations across numerous channels in spreadsheets. Or worse, left advocating for work that they feel will bring value to customers from a recent conversation.

But when an organization can quickly gain an understanding of their customers and respond with actions that meet their needs, it creates a competitive advantage of perpetual growth.

We feel that an organization that isn't empathetic to the needs of their customers is an organization that lacks purpose.

That's why together, we're building Caravel – a platform that helps the most empathetic organizations listen deeply, respond quickly to what they learn, and measure the impact of their actions more capably and with more confidence than ever before.

Our principles

It’s all about the people

Show you care by listening attentively. Seek to understand before reacting. Provide timely, helpful, and direct feedback. Be self-critical and work hard to earn the trust of those around you.



Lead with empathy

Always start with the customer and work backwards. Respectfully challenge assumptions, work to understand how the customer feels, and ask “what do our customers need?”


Cleverness over complexity

When selecting between competing solutions, select the one that is the simplest and makes the fewest assumptions.


Innovation thrives when it collides

We require innovation from all teams. Share ideas openly and when you seek input from others, it will turn into something transformative.


Favor action

The majority of decisions are reversible and you should favor speed over deliberation. For those that aren’t, calculate the risks more extensively.


Disagree respectfully

We challenge decisions when we disagree, even if uncomfortable or against what the group thinks. However, once we come to a decision, we commit.


Be a goldfish

As we do new things, we accept that the first attempt may not be successful. We’re accountable for those mistakes and learn from them, but we don’t dwell on them.


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