Whether you think it is a force for good or a threat to humanity, today’s AI offers a glimpse of tomorrow’s world.

Over time, humans have successfully shifted workload to machines—from steam-hammers to spaceships. No-one ‘drives’ the SpaceX CrewDragon; they have better, and more enjoyable things to do. In tomorrow’s world, much of today’s work will also shift to machines. Shuffling spreadsheets, sifting and sorting thousands of rows of data, will be a distant memory.

Yet for many VoC teams in the present, struggling to analyze huge volumes of unstructured data from social sources such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more, combined with email, chat, surveys and NPS… life feels almost pre-industrial!

Not only is the sheer scale of the task daunting, it’s also unpredictable. In the sign-up world, a new service can grow from a few tens of users to tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, in a matter of months. For example, Zoom reached 400,000 users by the end of its first month. Founder Eric Yuan is famous for saying he does not consider competitors, he only listens to customers.

In high-growth scenarios, where customer feedback drives product development and growth, manual VoC won’t cut it. The only way to handle explosive growth, huge volume, and the torrent of data, is to switch to Programmatic VoC.

Programmatic VoC is the continuous collection, organization, and analysis of feedback on your product or service, designed to help you use data to understand customer sentiment and steer strategic growth and development. Programmatic VoC deploys defined processes, brings order to the chaos, and scales up without breaking the bank.

Fortunately, the near-limitless resources of cloud computing combined with AI have arrived at just the right moment.

AI does ALL. THE. WORK. It detects and surfaces actionable Voice of Customer insights from thousands of data streams—and unlike human beings, does so without bias or sleep. AI makes it possible to capture and understand customer sentiment in real time, and analyze the trends that could influence product strategy, development, and, ultimately, growth.

Cloud computing enables Programmatic VoC to be scaled from mini to maxi without concern for infrastructure or capital outlay. Cloud enables rapid scale-up and scale-back, matching capability and capacity exactly to your growth path.

Caravel offers an all-in-one hub for customer feedback powered by AI technology to bring your Voice of Customer program to life. By excluding personal subjectivity, Programmatic VoC powered by Caravel generates consistent results with a transparent process. As your data volumes rises, you can rely on Caravel’s AI to accurately analyze your responses and point you in the right direction.

And as a cloud service, Caravel's Programmatic VoC scales easily and cost-effectively, reducing risk while releasing valuable personnel for more-productive, more-valuable tasks. No more endless fiddling with spreadsheets—just data-driven understanding that leads to better decisions!

For companies setting a product-led growth strategy, Programmatic Voice of Customer is vital to success, and AI is leading the way.

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