Read the official announcement of Commsor’s acquisition of Caravel here

When we started Caravel in 2018, we held a deep belief that because of the digitization of communication and recent advancements in AI + ML, language-based AI would profoundly alter companies of the future.

This belief evolved into a relentless pursuit to build an end-to-end AI platform that will help every company capture and interpret a growing landscape of conversational data to be more aligned with the needs of their customers.

It has been my job to ensure we deliver on this promise. This task has required us to stay ahead of quickly-shifting markets, an AI + ML landscape that is more innovative than ever, and a world transformed by the onset of a pandemic.

Together, we navigated every challenge and accomplished unimaginable goals through our collective efforts, making 2022 our most successful year to date.

Yet, we knew we were only beginning to scratch the surface of the potential of Caravel. Companies are overflowing with conversational data, so we singularly focused on providing the best AI and analytics toolset to help teams wrangle, interpret, and report on the signals. However, we've also known these insights become considerably more impactful when paired with other relevant data regarding the people involved.

That is why, starting today, we're venturing into a new challenge and joining the team at Commsor to help build a community-led future.

Commsor is on a mission to create a future of Community-Led Growth. Their software enables companies to unify their entire community stack into one platform and answer who is engaging with them and how.

The missing link: Understanding what your community is talking about.

The Caravel + Commsor combination will deliver a complete understanding of communities by combining quantitative and qualitative insight.

I got to know Commsor's CEO Mac Reddin in June of 2021 when we joined The Community Club. We've kept in constant contact since, envisioning the impact a partnership between our companies could have.

With a like-minded vision, we quickly gained conviction of the match of our data and tech, and upon meeting the broader Commsor team, it became clear that we both believe in building a people-first culture and empowering team members to do their best work.

Commsor is enabling an effective growth platform with all the necessary components: software, community, education, and resources. This acquisition allows Caravel to continue our AI + ML efforts and boost the impact of our technology by helping Commsor be the spearhead of a community-led movement.

What does this mean for Caravel?

Caravel will remain a standalone product, and you'll be able to use it just as you always have. If you're a customer, you'll soon get access to a super-powered platform with added community benefits! We're extending our features and community data sources to boost our reporting, analytics, and feedback collection capabilities.

Customers of Commsor will be able to leverage the Caravel technology embedded into CommsorOS, bringing the benefits of conversational insights to Community teams to understand what they're engaging about.

Today is an exciting time for everyone at Caravel, and I'm incredibly proud of everything we've accomplished together.

A very sincere thank you to everyone who supported us along the way – our marvelous team, selfless advisors, ambitious investors, and fabulous customers – thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏🙏🙏

We couldn't have done it without our community.