Every day we have virtual meetings, and every day, many of us turn on Zoom to go to work. Zoom has become such commonplace researchers have begun studying the psychological effects of “Zoom fatigue.”

Others, like me, prefer Google meet, which comes standard with many google suite business accounts.

It seems that a contender to Zoom has emerged. Now debates over the preferred video conferencing solution are taking over our Slack channels.

You can argue that Zoom provides better utility and is more professional. However, no matter how many chances I give Zoom, I continually go back to Google Meet, and I can’t pinpoint exactly why.

So I turned to Caravel.

Using Caravel’s supported integrations, I pulled reviews from the App Store and Play Store, created a classifier to discover the sentiment of topics relevant to the Customer Experience of both products, and generated reports to summarize the strengths and weaknesses of Zoom and Google Meet’s CX. The results were clear.

Get ready for the full product breakdown you never asked for but were silently hoping for! Let’s settle those video conferencing disputes once-and-for-all.

These results use Caravel’s AI/ML analysis for diving deep into each topic. The solution with the best CX Score is crowned Victor 👑 and Caravel’s topic analysis will help us break down why.

A brief overview of our metrics before we get started

Sentiment score: A granular measure of sentiment from -100 to +100. -100 being most negative and +100 being most positive.

CX Score: The quality of the customer experience from 0 - 100. CX Score is a leading indicator of customer satisfaction and is determined using customer sentiment. A score of 75 points or higher is excellent.

Total conversations: The total number of reviews that had mentions of Customer Experience topics within the selected time period

Total mentions: The total number of reviews where a topic was mentioned

Mention trend: Percent change in mentions compared to the prior date range

Sentiment trend: Sentiment score change compared to the prior date range

With that settled, let's start with the most popular kid in the room – Zoom


In the blue corner, we have the pandemic champion and household name, Zoom. Over the last two years this company has made quite the name for itself, but how has their product and overall CX held up? Let's take a look at the data:

Zoom's CX Score is OK but not great and it has been creeping upwards with a slight increase in satisfied customers over the past few months. Customer sentiment is sitting at +25 which is just above neutral. If we glance at the topic breakdown we can see Usability and Screen Sharing are highlighted as two emerging strengths of Zoom while customers are mostly talking about the video and audio quality of the application.

Google Meet

In the red corner, we have the brainchild of the behemoth, Google Meet. Google offers the most encompassing business suite out there, but as far as video conferencing goes, is Google Meet a contender?

Google Meet's CX Score is Great and it is accelerating upwards with a significant increase in satisfied customers over the past few months. Customer sentiment is sitting at +32.9 which is squarely positive. If we glance at Caravel's topic analysis we can see customers are drawn more and more to Google Meet's recording features while customers are again mostly talking about the video and audio quality.

Let's get granular

Best for video and audio quality

It's clear that reviewers care the most about video and audio quality. These topics come up the most in the reviews of both Zoom and Google Meet.

We'll benchmark these capabilities against their reported CX Score. Remember, CX Score is a metric Caravel calculates to give you a leading indication of customer satisfaction and a score of 75 and up is considered excellent.


Looking at the reported data we see Zoom scores 65.4 for Video Quality and 52.8 for Audio Quality.

Google Meet

Google Meet scores highest for both topics, coming in at 70.7 for Video Quality and 64.1 for Audio Quality.

Both are positive for both solutions but the clear winner when it comes to the two most important capabilities to the base of customers is Google Meet.

Most loved

Now let's dig into the most loved aspects of both solutions or what they rave about. We'll take a look at the top 5 topics with the highest CX Score for both.


People love the usability and security of Zoom, but interestingly it excels with its screen sharing capabilities. We also see the emergence of Zoom's chat capabilities in this data table.

Google Meet

Google Meet received an excellent CX Score for its recording capabilities, and similarly to Zoom, for its usability and security. Majority of customers are drawn to its price as well.

And the winner is…

While some may actually prefer Zoom to Google Meet, according to customers the winner is 👑 Google Meet 👑

With an overall CX Score of 67.5 it clearly beats out Zoom which is coming in at 54.4.

As we went deeper in the analysis we could see price and recording capabilities along with an overall edge on video and audio quality are helping Google Meet win customer's hearts. While Zoom has a lead with screen sharing and chat, it just isn't enough to win the crown.

Google Meet is quickly winning hearts by keeping customer's biggest needs in mind and excelling where it matters most. Every improvement, desirable feature, and push for CX quality are rising Google Meet above the competition.

I could've guessed Google Meet would win before doing this analysis, but without the data breakdown, I wouldn’t have the deeper knowledge of why Google is winning over more customers, and where Zoom should make improvements. These insights aren't just crucial for consumers making buying decisions, but for companies to understand how to build better experiences for buyers as well.

With data like this in hand, you can improve your CX with confidence – otherwise, you're taking a shot in the dark, hoping to hit the target. If you want to dethrone the competition you'll need the right data for the job.

To get the right data you need a Voice of Customer (VoC) Program. Your VoC Program will uncover what your customers want before you risk losing them to the competition. You’ll identify the gaps in the market, and your competitor's weaknesses, and soon reach escape velocity.  

Caravel is a Voice of Customer solution that combines all of your customer feedback channels in real-time. Our AI automatically analyzes all of the responses and guides your teams to actions that will improve satisfaction, growth, and retention.

Reach out here and we'd be delighted to run a similar report for you and help with any of your VoC needs.