A familiar pattern emerged after talking with hundreds of customer-obsessed businesses: when the customer messages are fooding in, they struggle to reliably understand the macro and micro issues their customers have with their products and services.

To date, we've focused on giving tools to examine the micro issues around intents and topics. Today we launched a new set of classifiers called Categories that help identify macro issues such as:


What are customers unhappy with?

Quantify changes you can we make to your product or services to prevent customers from churning and to increase satisfaction.


What do customers love about us?

Identify your customers main motivations for buying your product or services to inform your sales and marketing strategies.


Where are my customers getting stuck?

Discover your most common friction points of your customer experience to improve onboarding and documentation.


What are my customers asking for?

Automatically find valuable product feedback and feature request for your roadmap.

Other improvements & fixes

  • Improved performance when exporting large sums (>10k) of records
  • Bug Fix Issue with member invites were not being associated to their team
  • Bug Fix Layout issues on Safari