Prebuilt AI Classifiers

Use Caravel's classifiers to predict recurring topics, emotions, intents and customer sentiment so your teams can quickly understand your customer's needs and provide better solutions.

Account issues

Identify account-related issues the are mentioned frequently

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Identify what your customers like and don't like about a full array of apparel related topics

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Bug squasher

Sift through feedback for instances of bugs, separate bugs by product or type, and alert your teams when they occur.

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Customer complaints

Sift through every complaint, instantly identify trends, and create a better user experience

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Customer intent

Uncover the intention behind your customer's feedback

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Customer service quality

Analyze customer service interactions for quality and a path for improvement

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Identify which of more than 27 different emotions your customer feels, from confusion and desire to love and excitement.

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Product priorities

See your product through the eyes of your customer

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Types of requested features

Use feature requests classifier to prioritize your roadmap

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Code-free builder

The easiest way to build AI text classifiers. Our intuitive interface lets you use state-of-the-art methods without having to write code or build machine learning models.

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