Bring contextual insights to your apps

Caravel's text classification API makes building applications with fast, accurate, and precise text analysis easier than ever.

PLUG & PLAY Sentiment

State-of-the-art sentiment & emotion analysis

Drop our sentiment analysis into your code and achieve state-of-the-art performance. You'll get the latest in NLP and ML technology to predict sentiment of text and mentioned topics along with 27 different emotions.


Easily fine-tune to solve domain-specific problems

Target specific topics or intents and automatically categorize transcripts, emails, chat messages, reviews, surveys, and other text data. Our classifiers are designed to be fast, accurate, and fine-tunable. With multiple methods of classification you can always find the right approach for your needs.


Get specific with minimal training data

Caravel delivers sentiment to your databases and CRMs. You get better insight and more personalized engagement, your customers receive a higher quality experience, and your teams are freed to do more meaningful work.


Dozens of industry-specific datasets and models at-the-ready

Edit pre-built Classifiers or build new ones in just minutes using our builder. You have dozens of prebuilt models at your disposal that are each trained on thousands of real-world examples annotated by our professional, in-house team.


Predict one-by-one or all-at-once

Caravel scrubs away clutter and proprietary details like subject lines, code logs, and personal information. Data arrives in your feed safe and shareable.

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