All your customer feedback made actionable

Bridge all of your customer feedback with Caravel, easily scan for tone and topic, create insightful reports, and deliver enriched data to your tools.


Turn feedback into actionable insight

Reviews, surveys, support tickets, and community chatter are cleaned, analyzed, and delivered into a single feed anyone can access and mine for insights.


Trustworthy real-time knowledge for everyone

Caravel breaks down feedback silos by opening access to different teams, integrating with robust BI tools, and creating new opportunities for people to transform feedback into winning ideas.


Boost your workflows with better data

Caravel syncs to your databases and CRMs and automates actions in popular tools. You get better insight, your customers see faster improvements, and your teams are freed to do more meaningful work.


Caravel's AI learns from the best: your teams

Easily create custom text classifiers, no coding and no training required. Caravel's classifiers instantly learn from the changes you make and deliver ever more accurate results.


Automatically redact sensitive and extraneous data

Caravel scrubs away clutter and proprietary details like subject lines, code logs, and personal information. Data arrives in your feed safe and shareable.

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We improve with your feedback

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