Our Mission

Caravel was born out of a desire to bring the relationship building capabilities of the in-store experience to online retail. We've been rethinking parts of eCommerce that are frustrating, overly complex, and that feel invasive to customers – and using conversational interaction as device to make it simple, more enjoyable, and more trustworthy.

We believe this is foundational to enabling good companies to thrive in today's retail landscape.

Our Perspective

Using AI to Personalize Shopping

Maxwell Folley

Designing a Conversational Shopping Experience

Jonathan Minori

Build your Brand’s Conversational Strategy

Maxwell Folley

Our Team

Throughout our careers we've sought to help good companies build relationships with their customers by thoughtfully pairing design with technology.

Before building Caravel, the leadership team spent decades working hand-in-hand with major brands innovating new retail technology. While working with digitally native brands, large consumer brands, and retailers alike, we continually noticed a disparity between the brick & mortar and online customer experience. Overwhelmed with curiosity, we dug in to uncover why online lacks the relationship building abilities that the in-store experience has embodied for so long.

We came to understand the power of conversation in driving relationships between companies and their customers. How simply asking the customer what they need, having an ability to understand them, and addressing it can make the experience.

Maxwell Folley

CEO & Co-Founder

Jonathan Minori

CPO & Co-Founder

Dennis Hanley

COO & Co-Founder

Adriana Krasniansky

VP Marketing at Caravel

Hannes Hapke

VP Engineering

Nate Horstmann

Senior Software Engineer

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