Swift, relevant
customer feedback

Use Trove to quickly launch microsurveys and gather feedback at intentional moments of the customer journey.


Easy to design and launch

Ask relevant questions and create customizable layouts with Trove API. Embed on your site, send via email, and trigger on specific pages or with user behaviors.


Built-in AI analysis

Automated AI analysis instantly quantifies data, detects recurring patterns, and generates analytics and reports.


Connects to your workflow

Keep everyone in the loop by connecting to familiar tools like Slack, Zendesk, and Gmail. Push new enriched insights to your existing analytics tools.

Use real-time feedback to...

Find product market fit

Reach your target audience right away

Identify your advocates

Recognize your biggest fans in a sea of customers

Spot issues right away

Quickly get to the bottom of any problem

Optimize conversion

Surpass your goals without breaking a sweat

Improve customer experience

Ensure a smooth customer journey every time

Stay grounded in
customer perspective


Open-ended questions gather new, unexpected learnings.


Get feedback twice as fast with easy-to-complete microsurveys.


Uncover exactly what customers are experiencing where.

Surface actionable learnings right away

Caravel is an all-in-one hub for customer feedback that uses AI to automate analysis and guide people, teams, and organizations to action.

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